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11:15pm 01/08/2005
  i feel so shitty lately. something new needs to happen. all ive been doing is working and then coming home to rest for work the next day. ithought that during the summer you were spose to go out everyday? but hmmm, me only weekends, well i guess thats just the way i do things. 4 weeks left. hmmm. im gonna do it, im gonna make it.  
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11:01am 01/08/2005
  today someone had a seizure at my workplace.
i laughed.
until she died.

j/k she didnt die, but she did have a seizure.
i didnt laugh though. Thats mean. Would you laugh?
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Buck naked   
08:57am 31/07/2005
mood: embarrassed
omfg!! someone just walked in on us....weeeeiiiirrrrdddd!
01:11pm 30/07/2005
  would you prefer a friend of the same sex or opposite?  
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09:51pm 27/07/2005
  sovanna is so cool you should see for yourself how cool he is  
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Content afterall   
09:58am 27/07/2005
mood: content
ive been so caught up in other people's happiness that i forgot about my own. ive been so worried that this may not be all that great of a summer, due to all the changes in my surrounding, that i forgot those times where i just laid back and took in everything. I see that all of my friends are on their way and my life compared to theirs would be pathetic. I knew that i blew it this year and that made me realize. This is MY life, this is what im set up to do. We all have different things to do. So should just enjoy it, and work through my tasks. Overall, im pretty happy with everything, pretty content, all the bad things are out of me, what bad things you may ask....hmmm...well you know.
01:22am 24/07/2005
  Blissful, thats the word, yes a random word that i just decided to write. WEll hmmm, recap of today, woke up, made food for sovanna cuz he no feel good, then we go hannaford to pay bills, then i find out that some bitch stole my shoes, then we all tried to tie sovanna's dad's tie b/c none of us really knew how to tie one. Then sovanna and i were off to see Sweet Charity b/c maximus was in it. Yes, we got there a little late, and in a little i mean probably 5 minutes into Act1, scene1. Yea but i enjoyed the musical very much, tons of dancers, loved the costumes. Ummm, Max did a fantabulous job on the elevator scene, enjoyed it very much b/c thats the way he normally screams. =P Sovanna really enjoyed it, it was the first musical he's seen and he actually wants to see more, and he also sweats max's balls, not as much as my balls, but close. after the show we talked and god i felt so bad for snapping that picture of one of the girls in the show, im so sorry whoever you are. anyways, then court, tommy, sovanna and i decided to go to IHOP but then Court's mom was being a slut so we went to wendy's which was also good b/c along the way charletta was there and we all go eat and play and laugh. HAHAHHA. PICS are on the way you skanks!!  
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Last Night and Today   
12:55pm 23/07/2005
  Yes, last night went to the carnival=ghetto
then went to the beach house=sucked ass
Today, going to Max's play,hanging out with court and tommy= :) hopefully
06:28pm 21/07/2005
mood: giddy
when i was real little i use to masturbate by rubbing my cat's fur down there, people walked in on me and i say, oh no i just pet the kitty, and they go, oh how cute you are....so they thought
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Having Fun isnt hard, when you got a library card!!   
05:57pm 21/07/2005
  Yes, so got to work, and worked from 8-4. I did a fabulous job opening today and salad bar was superb. Well no one really got salad bar, but thats not my fault. i did a great walkaround as Chucke today, made some kids happy. I also did a really good liveshow. Then after getting out 30 minutes after i was suppose to, walked over to CVS and picked up the lastest isue of cosmo. Its pretty cute because i like Kate Hudsn and i love her ensemble. Afterward my darling Sovanna picked me up, we came home and he ordered me my Arthur dvds!!! :) e's gonna eat soon and im gonna shower, i feel gross after work. And yes we're gonna head to the mall so i can pick up some more lip venom and idk, random shit. Then we're gonna bowl and he's gonna help me with DDR again since he's crrazy, i mean legit.haha, yup and maybe thats all for tonight?? Theres a party at the beachhouse, but after working, i think all im apt to do now is just kick back and spend some more time with my baby. ciao  
07:29am 21/07/2005
  its 7 and i gots to work, oh yea!!!  
07:58pm 19/07/2005
my pet!
11:36am 19/07/2005
  what i wantCollapse )  
09:40pm 18/07/2005
mood: tired
It seems so boring nowadays
LOOK!! its a fucking rainbow   
07:25pm 17/07/2005
mood: artistic
so i want to get tickets to the imax for Charlie, and me no get.

go watch F4, jessica alba was fucking HOT.

i was watching family guy and there was a skit on the asian TRIX rabbit and the kids told him that he was silly and that TRIX are for kids and the the rabbit jumped kicked the two little asian girls and twisted the little boys neck. fucking asians.

sovanna is making smores

I got that fucking song in my head all day!! Cuz i got the golden ticket...doo doo do do do do...

damn sometimes when you just dont think, you actually get everything...im gonna go play monopoly and watch monster. Charlize Theron fo Lyfe! :D.
What a weekend!   
09:04am 11/07/2005
mood: awake
Well, just got back from camping last night, and wow, what a trip. The drive there took forever i thought. First we had to stop at the sandwich shop then we got going. Neno and Milton quickly went to bed, so i stayed up with Sovanna, entertaining him i guess. We got lost and drove by the campsite a couple of time. Then we finally realize that and finally got there. Sovanna did a great job setting up the tent. He needed some help but it was all good, it was 11 at night and we couldnt see shit anyways. He got it set, we broght in our stuff then a couple of his friends needed stuff that they forgot to bring and some people wanted cigarettes and so we were off to Walmart. unfortunetly the 45 minutes drive to walmart was a waste becasue they were closed. So we went to some random convenient store. And god was that lady a racist. I asked her if i could use the restroom and she said they had no public one, when there was one right there!! Then when she was scanning our stuff, god she was fucking taking her time and then when she supposedly messed up, she scanned it again. Sovanna called her a bitch for me so im ok. god there are some fucking ignorant people out there. Well we got back then went to hang out at the guys tent. Then we both went to sleep. We woke up the next morning and it was STILL raining. We went back to sleep and everything was ok, sorta. We went out and people were cooking breakfast. Piseth looked like a crack mom cooking becasue she had a freaking cigarette in her mouth at the same time. LOL. we ate then Sovanna, Milton, and Kna, and moi decided to go shower. We went and then decided to go up MT. Washington. We got lost and had to ask for directions, but we fianlly got there. Wow was that place cold!! We went at the wrong time but some of the view we had was beautiful. I was in the clouds and face to face with a rainbow! We then left and got lost on the way back, damn, we finally got back to the campsite at 9 or 10. We then just went to sleep. Sunday came and what a fucking gorgeous day. We all decided to go swimming before we leave, so we were all packing up then all of a suddden, Sovanna's car blew out smoke and blew up!! It started to pee. Yeah, we found out that the man that was fixing his car at the garage had fucked with his radiator, and his car was already overheated enough with all the driving too so while they were fixing it, Rina andi went to the stream, which was gorgeous and reminded me of those streams in the khmer karaoke, to shave our legs. Then we somehow made it to the swim site. This place was beautiful. The water was perfect, god that place was beautiful. The water wasnt even salty. I blew my nose underwater and you could see it floating around. That would be funny, if it got stuck to someone. We then left and went to Mcdonalds. Then we left there and headed home, on the way the car did the same thing so we stopped. And decided to get it towed. We waited about 2 hours. The tow truck came, only two people were allowed on so it was Sovanna and i. THe man was cool though, when he was loading the car, we saw his buttcrack, LOL. his license plate was ITOWYOU, it was cute. i was too tired to talk so SOvanna talked to him. HE said he's plaing to get UPAYME as his next license plate. He was pretty cool. We finally got in Lowell and rested up. And here i m today, SOvanna had left to work, and i have a lot of errands to run and chores to do. So, i'll ttyl!!
Oh my   
01:00pm 07/07/2005
mood: annoyed
yes, so im cleaning and doing laundry, omg, i gots to go camping tomorrow. Im sorta not looking forward to it. Most of the people going i dont really know. God, im just going because Sovanna wants me to go. Its gonna be kinda weird. Damnit!!
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10:45pm 06/07/2005
  hmmm...so today got up, scratched me butt, talked to Chris for a bit, got ready for work, went to work, worked my day away, got home and my beautiful Sovanna suprised me with a clean room and he did most of the laundry so id only have one load to do next week. Yeah, we go through a lot of clothes. :P I always pick fights with him. I dont know if its to keep his attention, or just for soe entertainment. Sometimes i think that i only pick fights with him becasue im confuse. I dont know what i want. i use to have so much going on and thought life couldnt get any better. nowadays life is pretty much mediocre. Things COULD be better i guess. SSDD. but sovanna is really trying to lighten things up for me so i could enjoy this summer. He's been really awesome to me. I needed a place to stay and he took me in. Whenever i need anything, i mean anything, he'd give it to me. Whether it's big or small. Yeah, that sounds really superficial, but wha i meant was, if i ever needed someone to talk to he'd sit there for hours listening to me, and there are soo many things he does that makes him such an awesomo!! boyfriend. Like now when he just made me noodles and brought it to me with a refreshing Pepsi Cola!! LOL, damn i sound like im using him as a slave. But before you make any judgements, i do many things for HIM, for example, I give great head. j/k ;p
but i know that he's a great boyfriend. But sometimes i cant help but get the feeling...is this what i really want. I mean ive been wanting this but am i really content? Do i want this stable, monogamous life or do i want to go out and do it al over again? Because lately it feels like i havent kept in touch with my friends, i really should, i need to not be scared and hang out, be my old self again. Can i do that and still maintain this relationship with Sovanna? Or will i feel tempted and leave? What should i do. God, i wish i knew the answer.
02:33pm 05/07/2005
  my mom's a cunt and she does shit for me.  
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10:13pm 04/07/2005
  Today, woke up and was dreading work because it was July 4. I was to work from 4-CL, well that is i thought i was suppose to work from 4-Cl until...ring ring, my boss called at 3:30 saying that i shouldve benn at work half an hour ago. Damn that shit sucked, but he got someone to cover and so i was FREE!!! And so Sovanna and i decided to go out today. But we didnt want to go to the beach becasue we went yesterday and we ended up sitting in the car for 6hrs, that equals no fun. But at least we got to see fireworks. Well anyway, im getting off topic, we decided to go into Boston. Sovanna's mom said that we shouldnt drive there becasue there would be no parking space so we decided to take the train. We got on the train at 7 and got there at 8. We then got to walking, going to downtown and some other place, somthing hall? We then looked for a place to eat while we were at a park. I wanted a hotdog, but the hotdog stand we went to the guy disappeared. Damn that nigger, he goes on a LUNCH break when he has hotdogs frying right there!! I shouldve pulled an asian and pretended to sell those hotdog and then eating them, fuck that, i'll steal a bag of those hotdogs and bring it home for my family, you know how us asians do it. Well anyways, we went to McDonalds, hmm how romantic, and we ate...i had my usual #1 Big Mac while ms Thang had chicken strips, since all that nigga can eat is chicken. I find it adorable though. we then went to the park and omfg that place was packed, so we decided to take the T to that place near the water becasue the show was gonna start at 1030,we didnt know which one to take so we asked a kind african american lady who worked there, so we took the T to Park street, and hiddily HO, we're fucking at the same place we started out, just only a few feet from the inbound. Damn this teached me not to trust niggers. Anyways, we then went to the gazebo and hung out there then the show started, we watched it, it was funtabulous, and then we took the T to Govt Cntr where we walked over to North Station and caught the 1145 train back home. I slept a weebit on the ride home. All in all, i had a great fourth of July, at first i just saw it as another day becasue normally i dont do much on july4, most of my friends went to Canobie, and it was nice to do something different for a change. God, i really did enjoy todays outing. Especially because i had Sovanna with me, he made things a lot easier for me. But yea..oh well then goodnite yall!!

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